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Oh the ducking irony

19th Nov 2013
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Oh the ducking irony
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Tardaasa 19th Nov 2013, 10:57 PM edit delete
It's hard to feel nice towards some animals and then eat some other animals.


Pobre 19th Nov 2013, 11:18 PM edit delete reply
It's all about life cycle, we need more ducks to eat!
CyberSkull 21st Nov 2013, 1:12 PM edit delete reply
No irony here, they are having chicken instead of difficult to cook, but delicious duck.
SFCGaTor 19th Dec 2013, 5:29 PM edit delete reply
No. No not hard at all. Very lame and judgmental comic.
Firetemplar415 24th Jul 2014, 8:14 AM edit delete reply
the guilt....the sweet smelling delicious guilt!!
MidnightDStroyer 2nd Jul 2018, 8:52 AM edit delete reply
Even vegans have to kill their food in order to eat it.
'Tis truth.