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Pill or Plastic

23rd Sep 2016
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Pill or Plastic
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Tardaasa 23rd Sep 2016, 12:54 AM edit delete
So, kind of made this comic to get the Internet expertise on how safe period sex really is.


Vladlust 23rd Sep 2016, 1:13 PM edit delete reply
To be honest I don't think I understand what the comic is trying to say.
Clef 23rd Sep 2016, 4:20 PM edit delete reply
Basically using her period as a pregnancy test.
Altessia 23rd Sep 2016, 10:29 PM edit delete reply
Erm. Or that you should -still- use a condom even on your period.
Blue 28th Sep 2016, 1:30 AM edit delete reply
Yeah. Always use a condom, even if you are on the pill. The pill won't save you from std's, a condom might.
Randomdude 25th Apr 2017, 10:17 AM edit delete reply
yeah, or you know how the math works and have no issues like me and my wife for nearly ten years now.
Randomdude 25th Apr 2017, 10:17 AM edit delete reply
yeah, or you know how the math works and have no issues like me and my wife for nearly ten years now.
Zool 25th Apr 2017, 10:22 AM edit delete reply
When the girl is not on the pill, period is a special occasion to have sex without a condom.

When you can have sex w/o one all the time, it's not that big deal.
LiLyDarling 28th Sep 2016, 12:31 PM edit delete reply
Or maybe that girls tend to be horny as hell on or near their periods, but on the pill the hormones are more regulated so when they say 'im on my period' it means no sex 4 u
Guest 17th May 2017, 12:31 PM edit delete reply
condoms are lame
DocAlex 2nd Oct 2017, 1:18 PM edit delete reply
*Soon to be real Doc, 6 month to go*
Its about the fact that sex without condom feels better, mostly for both. So on the Pill when someone has sex without condom regularly it miht be a bit of a turn off o have period sex, when of the pill its an occasion for condom free sex.

Own experience since i had many STD Test for Hep B,C and HIV, work related (hospital Blood,Needles etc. you get one on employment, one time i poke myself with a used needle by accident which was really stupid) so had about 5 in 7 year. all negative. So i had much condomless sex, in 2 stable relationships,its beter.

Outside of relationships and at the beginning always use condoms, sure you can cure Gonorhoe, Syphilis, but you can cure Herpes 1 and 2, which can stay all your live and can do Damage to the Nervalsystem when your immunsystem is week, stress age illness cancer.
And you cant cure Hep B, C might be cureable now, and HIV/AIDS not even if its prologend. Also other infections like warts and such things can be really disgusting and painful.
That why in some brothel, the mostly female Prostitute has to do a check up every 6 month,and checks the customer if he as any sights of infections, + always condom.

For the pregnancy,yeah a normal cycle is 28-29 days, the period is at the end, and a girl can get pregnant at 13-15, but that can change by a day or two, + sperm can live up to two days inside the girl.so sex without contraception could lead to pregnancy from day 10 to day 16 or even 17. On a normal cycle, as any girl knows in teenage year maybe even up to 18-19 the cycle isnt tuned in, and can be shorter than 20 day or longer than 42 days. If stressed illness malnutrition, lack of Blood or Iron, vegetarians and vegans have it more often, the period can stop, also rather thin girls can have their period stop, if that happends you should see a doctor cause your body tells you that you are underweight, or malnurished.
So going fo just math ist a gamble, if you check with urin or temprature it becomes more reliable but still one Grad Celsius more or less an happen quikly,as for the hormonstatus in he urin, just a funfact guys can have positive pregnancy test, if they have some kind of "female" cells left, in their body, common close to the testicles cause ovaries and testicles evolve from the same origin or in the breat near the nipples, if it gets positiv the cell go rampant and you most likely have cancer, a female one, as a man. So hormons are kinda unsafe too.

Better are Spiral, Diaphragm (+spremizid), Condom, Pill.

So no not safe, Condom with every stranger or person you know less than a month. Pill for young relationships, and Spiral is a good thing for Familes who have kinds and dont want any, or for women who know for very sure not to have kinds for the next 5 year, but since you have to use a condom if not in stable relationship its kinda rare. I dont like the diaphragm very much it need practice to insert corretly, and sometimes is made in the right size for the woman, so rather comlplex.

Side Note, if you are at homeand can shower or clean, have sex with your Girlfried when she wants to in her period its better against cramps than Tea Painkilles warm Water, just sex best with an Orgasm, and the Uterus relalxed and gushes out the blood.

Dont be a Pussy, be inside her pussy.

Hope everything answered here.