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Slippery Nope

2nd Nov 2016
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Slippery Nope
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Author Notes:

Tardaasa 2nd Nov 2016, 4:26 AM edit delete
Tuesdays looks a lot like wednesday now a days!
(Not gonna change it though, you'd obviously just end up with comics on thursdays.)


BoopyMcBoop 3rd Nov 2016, 5:59 AM edit delete reply
I find that not having facial hair is good for this.

My first time, it was so satisfying when all of those hours I spent reading dumb erotica online as an early teen paid off.
Dana W 4th Nov 2016, 9:21 PM edit delete reply
Trouble is, a lot of men have little to no concept of "not horny" or "not in the mood".
DocAlex 2nd Oct 2017, 1:27 PM edit delete reply
Trouble also is that some woman, thing hat man are always horny, most times(95-99%) but not always. My Girlfriend got angry when i didnt want to, we talked it out though. A Friend told me is Girlfriend said things like dont you find me attractive, am i fat? do you have another girl. Justthink a man would say that when a woman does not want to.

But some man really dont thing about that this much.
MidnightDStroyer 13th May 2018, 12:49 AM edit delete reply
Hmmm...Maybe Panny is thinking about this all wrong. Wednesday is also known as Hump Day.