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Frightening fashion

10th May 2012
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Frightening fashion
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Author Notes:

Tardaasa 10th May 2012, 11:39 PM edit delete
When I first came to London I was in a constant " Wtf?" state when it came to what people were wearing. Now I like it though.


Unka John 10th May 2012, 11:48 PM edit delete reply
Unka John
Pretty good. I'll subscribe.
Tardaasa 11th May 2012, 2:04 AM edit delete reply
Thanks :)
CyberSkull 12th May 2012, 6:44 AM edit delete reply
I disagree. Sirens at least have something attractive about themselves.
Grey Garou 20th Sep 2012, 12:23 AM edit delete reply
Grey Garou
No, it's more like a snake fighting with a rainbow.
HappytimeJR 8th Feb 2013, 11:18 AM edit delete reply
Looks more like a bunch of rainbows flesh sewn together... Poor rainbows T_T
Guest 10th Apr 2013, 5:00 PM edit delete reply
Fashion is a thing so ugly that we have to change it every 6 months.