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That Foxy Oxy

4th Oct 2017
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That Foxy Oxy
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DocAlex 5th Oct 2017, 10:59 AM edit delete reply
Hi found your comic while in hospital(Patient nt working), was a very good interesting an fun way to pass the time.

How is this meant that she cuddles exactly knowing its only brain chemicals?

Funny thing Oxitocyn has different effects in Men and Woman and on levels, makes man sleepy, thats why many man sleep easy after sex or when they cuddle(some kind of satisfaction), while woman just feel close and comfortable (it could be that this is adapting effect, so men actually feel more love than satisfaction over time)
And i very high levels, like while giving brith it kills pain, blocks memory or makes her kinda high, thats why woman normally dont remember the birth process as bad as it is, and are bound to the child immidiatly.
(Side note: i could be that the depression some woman are overcome after birth and kinda rejecting the child might be due to a failure from oxytocin(still research absolutly not sure about this))

Since i hope you read this, i have some quesions.

Why change the hairstyles?You wrote in the comments abou it but what drove you? i dont mind but i think it does not make that much off a difference, and i terms of quality i like your comics but rather for their originality and wit that just for the are, which is still nice though, like cartoonish chibby big eyes way.

are you your self a redhead?

Are you obsessed with your period? Cause their are quite many comics about it, not that i mind, cause as i mentioned above i like your wit. And not stopping from more or less supposed tabus

When i am home i will take a look at patreon and will leave a some money, but never used patreon before and have to figure out whats going on there and will do it from home internet not from cellphone.

sorry for the long post, but hospital time and boredom, and i read all in 2-3 days.

Last question do you do commission for political themes in your art style? Since the crazy elections in europe and america, i started participanting more in the process, not just voting, is important but only the start. I mean Brexit Barcelona, right extremist and Nationalist in UK, France, Dutch, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and here in Germany, too. There has to be done something.
Tardaasa 5th Oct 2017, 2:26 PM edit delete reply
I´m glad I could give you some entertainment through your tough times.

And yes, she´s thinking about how cuddling him satisfies her on a chemical level. But obviously -that´s not a very romantic thing to say. As my ex used to point out ~

Which hair style change? No particular reason I think. Just playing around with the looks in ways that aren't too dramatic. I've never really made an effort to educate myself in drawing better ( No time really.) But in a month when I quit my job I´ll start doing that.

I am a self-made redhead!

As a woman, the periods is a topic that pops up once a month aaaaaall them months. So when sitting down making a comic around that time - well, it easily happens.

Thanks for considering the Patreon or Paypal thing. I really appreciate it! Hoping to be able to get by on the comic in a couple of months. I´d say "fingers crossed" but no time for that, need them to draw!

I will have to think about the commission thing. I do think I have comics on the subjects I might wanna make myself one way or another.

Get well soon!
DocAlex 6th Oct 2017, 12:23 AM edit delete reply
I think it might be romantic,
cause i can think of 3 view points to this, its funny
knowing Questionable Content? 1109, There is this sentence. "Boy, that sure triggered a lot of My dopamine receptors! Thanks for helping me trick my body into believing it fulfilled its genetic imperative"

And maybe because my second to last ex was an Apothecary and i like intelligent comments, and we both knew a lot about this stuff.

And last the philosophical stand point, if you know what your are talking about, and know its the truth, its is kinda stupid to think it devalues the feeling, i would have asked your ex if he ever felt less pain, when hurting that there where only nerves firing and transporting serotonin or histamine.
So if knowing how a feeling works doesn't increase or decrease it, its neither inherently elevating or devaluing it, nor its not inherently unromantic to point that out.

Its kinda like the concept of determinism, if you think on a physical level, everything is already in place, and when one does that someone else does this etc. and how much our family background determines where we end up, if you come from a low class family who relies often on government benefits its more than 75% chance you will sometimes, too. And since this action reaction between persons, in one person, and in that persons brain everything is chemical and that's physics. But if you think that to an end it comes that there is no free will and you have no choice, but that also means if you accept that fact or not is already determined, and how you act anyway it becomes a pointless, cause it has no effect on your desiccation making or action you do or don't, and if it has no impact than there's nothing to worry about.

And like pointed out above, no impact, no harm, so its rather small talk, and it depends on the other person how its received.

So i for example would have hugged and squeezed: And said something like: "now your getting overdosed"(an image in my mind like emptying the jar above her head) (and this can lead to love making, not rough sex from lust, rather emotional from bonding) So someone say again Chemistry Biologie Biochemie or Medicine isn't damn sexy. Also as my next to last ex pointed out, competence is sexy.

Talking about hair to a girl in not your Mother tongue is a challenged as it wasn't already difficult enough in ones own language,
but i will give it a shot. I didn't mean the hairstyle, as you would get from a hairdresser rather the way you draw he air, it looked rather smooth before, now you make different streaks, this and the relaxes are making a different impression, thicker hairs, a bit more touchable. I like both ways, they are different though, and its hard to point out in what way, but the impression it leaves with me is different. And i wanted to know what triggered the change, cause the later one is more work i think, and one does not put more work in something with out a though and even if it came instinctively as your drawing got better, something maybe has put you in that direction and maybe you can name it.
DocAlex 6th Oct 2017, 12:24 AM edit delete reply
Job quitting? Your Choice? Theirs? Job next to Studying or after this?(this is kinda private, it okay if you don't answer)

Self Made redhead, could say i am a man who likes inner values, and its partly true, but looking back i dated only blondes or redheads(a real one carpet matched the drapes), but for inner values all intelligent good hearted, don't care about BMI or Breast Size, etc. So i can say, i go rather for Heart and Brain than Hot and Busty, and my choices so far would empower that argument. But on the downside, when a roommate went blond, and female friend also, i found them both more attractive than before even though i know, its colored, and i actually didn't care a bit.
So what is the actual color?

As we are on the topic of periods, i will stay some day longer now, cause they pulled out every second stitch yesterday so i might could have gone home tomorrow, but it started to bleed at night, an it ran down from bag and legs. So i woke up, with my shorts covered in blood, a stain were my tights have been on the sheets, and blood still dripping when i got up, this must be what a girl wakes up to if the period surprises her. I called the nurse she called a second nurse they called a female doc when they couldn't stop it, by applying pressure, and since its on my back i cant see whats going on, and to undress lying on my stomach with hand from 3 woman on my naked back and ass, could have been a start to a good porno, if their hands weren't covered in my blood, and this still could be a start to a very weird porno.
Got to new stitches to close of the bleeding, and it wasn't all that much, 1-2 cups, so nothing life threatening, but very annoying so i have to stay 4 more days, patreon has to wait. and more time to kill but sadly no more comics.
If i could i would chain you to your drawing board and whip you to make more comics.
Tardaasa 7th Oct 2017, 10:49 PM edit delete reply
It was my choice. I really like my job but I need some change. I´ve applied for some Spanish and media courses, since I´m moving to Spain for at least a couple of months. I felt like my brain was degrading. Learning a new language seems to be fixing that!

I think it´s fine to admit we're all partly a bit shallow. We just need to keep our opinions on other peoples looks to ourselves.
And on the subject - my natural color is brownred-ish.

I´ll start working on another comic tonight! But I´m guessing (and hoping) you'll be out of the hospital before it's done. Sorry I know you wrote a lot more but I don't have time to comment on everything.

No pulling stitches to get the pretty nurses in there now, ok?

DocAlex 8th Oct 2017, 11:12 AM edit delete reply
Brain degrading I know that feeling, I don't really know what other people do, but staring at white walls and ceiling for three weeks, surely has had its effects. Hope that when I get out here I can still tie my shoes XD.

A bit? We have several industries, legal and illegal about the shallowness, of our society. men suffering from anabolic and a wrong body image, and woman being not being slim enough and misuse of laxatives, to the complete industry of cosmetics (which often use parts of oils for the chemical process, so for example in lipsticks are some ingredients other people put in their cars), beauty products and such. Really stupid clothing trends. Or my favourite Tinder, just the picture, why not the opposite? only a bit text, no option to send pics, so the people can exchange pictures once they share other contact like email or phone number?
My mother is a cook, and while many mother can cook and it taste good, she also can to several things at once and make everything look like if it was served in a fancy restaurant. So cause she has only me and my brother, so only boys, we were sometimes forced to help, seriously she forced us to make cookies for Christmas we didn't, we don't have that sweet tooth, but we had to cause she wanted to do it with her children. But that's because I can cook many meals, which taste really good, nearly on par sometimes with her skills, but it doesn't look like hers. So after tasting its really good, but both plates next to each other you would always choose hers. If my meals would look like burned coal or like someone has fished it out of the trash can, it would be understandable, but it just looks normal. Where am i going with that? While everyone would exchange pictures sooner or later, cause no one would date someone we don't find attractive but, it could give possibility that we would meet people who are less attractive outside cause we already got to like the inside.(like with the meals take a bit at see what it tastes like) we could actually meet the person the character. people 20 years ago couldn't do that they met in real life and the judging of the appearance takes less than 10secs. but what has society done? Taking the judging to some pictures with a swipe left or right. So shallowness is every where in daily life, since you are also European, elections in France or Germany, macron young and good looking? or Christian linder from FDP no real content in the political program except less taxes more internet cables, and second strongest of the smaller parties, cause young and good looking. They even campaign with black and white photos of him like he is a model or something (just google something like German elections christian linder fdp posters or such, or Christian linder fdp wahlkampfplakate) and this isn't a date this is selecting the guys running the country for 4 years.
Doc Alex 8th Oct 2017, 11:13 AM edit delete reply
And to take a to a totally new level, French researchers, let men take an IQ Test, not some internet stuff, reliable real ones, a week later they let them look at photos of woman clothed upper body (who where earlier scaled from one to 1 - 10 from another male test group) than they had to retake the IQ test, the more attractive the woman the worse they scored, not because of arousal and being distracted this was cross checked with pornographic material, but because the males who where single and in a personality test more macho scored the worst they scientist concluded that it had to do with males trying to adapt to the females and trying to match their supposed intellect, with most man supposed lower than theirs. A side note from this test, which brings back to the question of hair colour, that the effect was strongest with blond woman, and lesser with brown and least with black haired woman.

I criticize this not on a personal note, I am white male tall hetero intelligent healthy ,well not rich but not poor either, mum cook, father engineer, not slim but a sturdy build, a friend once said to me:" if it where 1000 ago you would a Viking swinging and axes around all day", born in Rostock, so the other side of the Baltic sea, and life near Hamburg by that time. So alone that I know what is good to be or not, is kinda wrong and it cant all be changed, and even the things that can be changed not at once at least, I still find it a bit sad sometimes. Cause a lot of harm comes from this, as mentioned above in medicine and society.

Well lets she who is first, i am out of here at Monday if nothing happens.
Sure thing, I maybe only write as much as I do cause I have much time on my hand, and i am happy that you read it.

The doctors pulled the stitches 2 weeks after operation not me. And yeah I think some nurses are pretty here, but since i am a Physician(hence the nickname, I hope this doesn't jinx it) myself in 6 month, writing exams and hopefully getting my license (torturing people to some extend in a legal way XD.
"Doctor, it hurts here"
"Where? There"
*poke* ouch
*poke* ouch
*poke* ouch
I am a bad person, but its surely better to be on the other side of the needle, these real life blood suckers)
so I have more or less worked in hospitals for over 2 year over my studying, so nurses don't hold this particular interest for me like they might do for other man.

So till Tuesday then.

(thanks for your time and answers kept me occupied and of track, and the comics also, hope my opinion or questions and comics where okay, and some of the stories where something to smirk)
Mil 12th Oct 2017, 6:02 PM edit delete reply
Holy Mother of Text Walls. Alex, you should sell this webpage to Donald Trump for 15 billion $. BOOM, DONE.