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13th Jan 2018
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Botched Batches!
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Tardaasa 13th Jan 2018, 1:01 AM edit delete
Shadows! Shadows are hard.


Gummifisch 14th Jan 2018, 7:15 PM edit delete reply
Soooo true, thanks!
foxbow 14th Jan 2018, 7:47 PM edit delete reply
Panny's pants change colour in the last panel =)
DocAlex 15th Jan 2018, 12:36 AM edit delete reply
^^he is right

it changes from brown cort to blue jeans.

its the 4-th dimensonal underessing of trousers sheldon proposed in big bang theory, so always think like this its not a but its a feature.
Tardaasa 16th Jan 2018, 1:01 AM edit delete reply
DocAlex 15th Jan 2018, 3:41 AM edit delete reply
Given the Topic of this Comic Strip

and that here in Germany there is actually, a case where i Doctor is brought to Court be ProLifers for providing information about Abortion. Cause in the special case of things insurances doesn't pay for, like beauty treatments, so called IGEL-procedures (this are often new things or not yet proven to be useful) and abortion information is similar to advertisement, and advertising is strictly regulated, but in the case of abortion there is a law which prohibits from even unpolitical medical balanced information, which was never used in court because it ranges not under regulation for doctors, lawyers or freelancer it has a special place in the law codex for crimes. so many doctors didn't know about it, and the judges let them of on a warning. cause of these weird (and more than 60year old) form of law conducting, prolifes often press charges to prevent doctors from informing about abortion or even listing it as one of the procedures the can do. But in this case the woman doctor was already warned 2 times from court, but didn't want to comply. And this is kinda crazy, cause if you can list it or inform woman cant get information from doctors, and the internet might give a gist, and there are some social departments or counselling office for drug,aids,abortion,prostitution (anything a person might need help but wants to remain anonymous when not sure what to do) but in the special case of abortion only doctors can make the final information like which week, is mother and baby healthy, can an abortion be done, and so many local doctors didnt do anything cause of fear of being charged and woman needed to go to a hospital. In Germany this is actually kinda easy cause we have free basic healthcare so any woman can see a child doctor general practitioner or gynaecologist on that matter. and from my own experience it is pretty fast. so there is still a lot do to, if even basic information is prohibited.

But on the other hand, has one ever seen a dead baby? a dead fetus? what is abortion when not killing life or at least future life out of personal reasons? if one tries to kill another person this person can act or not, a embryo fetus baby isnt asked to be conceived not is it asked to be born or killed.

and if some pro choicer no come out and say but what about...
rape? 2-4% of all abortions
health reason for mother 2-4%
baby ill, malformed or other wise poor life chances? 4-6%
teenager not ready for it, saving an unborn just for to miserable life's. less than 15%
or mothers to old and already have a family, and cannot support another child? 10%
these are numbers from studis from America, Canada Europe Germany.
but to describe it
less than 18 years of age 15%
less than 28 years of age 40%
less than 38 years of age 30%
less than 48 years of age 15%
DocAlex 15th Jan 2018, 3:42 AM edit delete reply
at minimum 60%, I would guess 70-80% of all abortions are done by healthy none raped none teenage none to old woman pregnant with healthy babys.

this site (has some data for germany other European nation are similar, in percentage not raw numbers cause they correlate with population) for example medical and rape less than 4%) its, a pro life site but the data is good and well graphically presented in bar and pie diagrams and graphs for easier access.

for Germany a Nation with a 80million people, there are about 90.000 abortions per year, this is a small city, every year! On about 1000 births there are 150-250 abortions, so about 20% of pregnancies are abortions.

The last argument for pro choice often is that even with contraceptions there can be some pregnancies, so woman need to have this option.
The most Sex have couples, and if there where only couples in Germany there would be about 40 million couples, of these couples given the demographic only 30-40% are couples that are with woman who can become children many to old +45 or too young -15. So 12million can get pregnant if no one would want to get pregnant, and all would use the pill (considering man are idiots, dont care or know what a condom is etc.) there is the pearl index. The pearl index gives the number of birth of birth per 100 woman who get pregnant during one year while having sex while using contraception. (and for condoms this numbers has a great range considering a condom breaks malfuction, or falls off etc. maluse) for the pill if used correctly, the index is 0,1-0,9. so 1 pregnancy in 1000 couples. So about 12.000 unwanted pregnancies would occur in whole Germany. If no one would want a child and everyone would use contraception. So for over 90.000 abortions each year to be necessary of unwanted pregnancies many are because of very bad contraception, cause even if we consider rape and health reasons, but consider below 18 and above 38 are using contraception and every woman in between dont wanting a child using contraception, thee should not be much more than 8000-10.000 abortions needed.

So every time some is pro choice he or she should consider it means about 8.000 deaths or killings of possible life.

But woman should have the choice its there body, and that they can decide whether or not to carry a child, after thousand of years where they didnt have the right or even the possibility to, its a great step forward to equality. But like the right to vote, the right to work, the right to study, where there was male privilege to overcome, and no harm done. Here are some very high humanitarian values pitted against each other, control of body and choices and possible human life. And there is no valid argument against giving woman the choice over there body. But every pro choice covering behind fake points or numbers is a coward, they have to face that the choice this time comes at a high price. Nevertheless its right.

Last but not least, lets come back to the comic, how would it be the other way around if it was a pro choicer girl saying she had a child and could not abort it, and now fight for other woman to have the right, would it be okay for penny to push her in the pond and say her 10 year old child would want this? Because the mother now fights for the right, she didnt have at that time, to kill the embryo fetus baby.
DocAlex 15th Jan 2018, 3:43 AM edit delete reply
So long story short,
defend the right of choice for woman,
dont use bullshit excuses for it
face the fact thats this right is not gained without loss
its a harsh decision for every woman and she should have as much information, healthcare psychological care as she needs.
for god sakes every man woman boy and girl threesome foursome orgy use contraception if you dont want kids (and condoms to prevent from STDs.)
And for god sakes fight for a social environment work environment political environment that a child or not, is not an issue for financial well being or career or etc., that mostly the only question left for a pregnant woman or couple, are we emotionally ready to raise a kid, and not we cant cause money, we cant cause career, cause as long as abortion happen cause of these kind of reasons is a tragedy and a huge loss I cant complete grasp with words, and as you have seen I have many of them.

Thank you for everyone who reads this, and actually gets the important facts and after getting the fact actually changes his or her opionon cause facts should do this. And how the need for abortions could be greatly reduced, if the world was a better place.

And tardasaa maybe you can make a comic or too, about contraception for this case, and why Sex Ed is so extremly important.

I wrote all of this cause in my line of work you are confronted with this, in my political work it also came up in the last month, and I personally know woman couldnt get an abortion because of the parents and one who had one and how both have to live with it.
Gummifisch 15th Jan 2018, 6:32 PM edit delete reply
I hope many women and men read this.
Having sex can make women pregnant so everybody should be aware of this responsibility and think about it before and not after it happened.

Nevertheless, its an important achievement to have a choice.

Thanks for this statement!
Tardaasa 16th Jan 2018, 1:14 AM edit delete reply
Haha Alex, Mr wall of text strikes again!
Sorry to hear you're back in the hospital. Is it serious?

I know there´s a lot of statistics to be used for pro chois-ers too. Like how crime goes down where abortion becomes legalized.

I just made this comic as a frustrated guilty pleasure response to all the pro life stupidity out there. It´s insane to me that it´s even a discussion. But obviously - that´s what the other side thinks too.

Utopia is a good show if you're bored. ;)
DocAlex 18th Jan 2018, 3:27 AM edit delete reply
Serious. hmm,hard to answer as i would bet between 1000-10.000 to 1 that i wont die. i would say that not, and having seen things like a 6 year old two weeks in coma after car crash with multiple brolen bones, and many different tube going in and out of his body, or my dad having cancer since threes year starting in the week o my birthday that year and my mother having cancer since a week before christmas, both around 50 years old i would say no. bu cosindering people being in the ER with a cold or the fact that it all startet with a wound of about 4cm. operation, bleeding, not healing, operation, leaving it open for secondary healing, closing it again on the 5th,getting infection,opening it again. and not really nowing what to do now i would say yes. special award to god for ridiculousness, cause its about the place where on would get a trampstamp. so even with having the knowledge i cant see it, and i am home now, and a little bleeding starten tuesday evening, so since i have much stuff and home dont wan to go right back to the hospital, is like a game of tetris on my back with bandage stuff, insinde my body. while bleeding with a littl pain. so its should have been over in about 2-5 weeks, starting in oktober now we are at the 4th month, and i cant say that the doctors did something wrong, with the stitching or causing the infection. it seems a like a very bad joke. a cant lay on the back, can sit only between 30-10min. no sport or other more activ than walking. so i would die, its shitty and a really bad annoying joke.
DocAlex 18th Jan 2018, 3:42 AM edit delete reply
This leads to wall of Text. Cause laying on stomach, i should learn more for exams in april but if you cant do much else to take your mind of in breaks it gets heavy very fast.
so i am roaming the internet acquiring and spreading knowledge.

no in all seriousness there real is a debate in germany about getting rid of StGB paragraph 218a which prohibits Doctors from publishing inforation outside their workplace, like outside their building take away inforamtion or their website, about abortion, its only for abortion and nothing else. a doctor could even spread semi true things about homoepathika or vaccines and get away, but can get severe punishment for balance information about abortion.

Bonus where does this grandious paragraph originate from? from a group of people ruling germany and austria from 1933-1945. cause abortion was illegal to kill new babies etc. the more the better. And since things like stealing murdering etc. where illegal even in nazi germany, this paragraph was kept with other things like, dont drive other people over and such. and it hasnt been a problem because it was nearly never invoked in court, i dont know for sure but heard their had been only 13 case this 1955 where this paragraph came in to play and the cases where dismissed mostly. So noone cared about this shit,but know the hardcore evangelist with backup from america come and with crazy pro choicers try do intimidae doctors and other place with pressing multiple charges, and since this is still law, the court could do nothing else than sentence a female doctor guitly, because she refused the case got to a higher court, the last before the federal court where it might end up. this is i kind of even more insane, than the one you describe cause this is about information, not whether, when or where abortion can or should take place.
thats why the political party i am associated with, Die Linke,(social and left) like jeremy corbin(GB) berney sanders(USA) jean luc melachon(france), tries to take this stupid law down, that even though they cant interfere with a on going case, they want to prevent anymore stupid shit, with this law.

( i hope i didnt invoke godwins law, and if i have pretty amazing given the topic right?)
DocAlex 18th Jan 2018, 4:02 AM edit delete reply
last one, insane? this shit really is insane on both sides. like who in their right mind would deny a woman the right to choose in the first 3 month? but on the other side there a people who want the right to abort even after the 6 month, where the baby can actually survive maybe even on its own, and instead of getting abortion there should be procotols and law about how to giving up for adoption etc. and much more support for woman psycholigcal etc. cause even if its killed inside the woman, the baby would still have to be born via cesairo sectio or vaginal like if it where a life. so the quest society should answer, is to which point its right legal to abort and at which point, when the baby can survive abortion should take second place between living and adoption? cause 1-3 month and a month 7-9 nature and medince with what is possible mostly sloved with what should be done. but instead its always about all or nothing. what an insane shit.
and there is more we have prolifers like the comic girl but we also have pro choices who go on national televion and claim the 24-72 hour waiting period between consulting the doctor and the actual abortion would be patronising woman because they dont need to overthink it. WTF? this rule doesnt even come from prolifers, its from physcians, cause even i i get my fucking gallbladder removed gause of stones, you get a 24 hours waiting period. if its not emergency you get it before every medical procedure which could drastically change your life. So there are bat shit crazy insane idiots on both sides. but as from personal experience their are about 10 to 1000 times more idiots on the prolifer side. Alone these fuckos who would want young woman to keep a baby alone but dont want socialprogramms for good childcare etc. that the woman alone or with the father can support the little family so there are less abortion cause of economic reason, but this is refused by most pro lifers.

and it was no critique on your comic i really like that you dont shy away from hard topics.

(note to first post, 5th january was the 3rd operation, sitting for about 30-120min *wont die* in the last line.
DocAlex 15th Jan 2018, 3:44 AM edit delete reply
Not I, A Doctor, not me.
sorry for long post, in hospital again, as patient. and time killing gets a hard after on week.
Dana W 20th Jan 2018, 5:43 AM edit delete reply
I'm vehemently pro choice, but I have to agree with the shirt. Meat IS yummy.
Doxy 23rd Jan 2018, 1:01 AM edit delete reply
Just read through your entire library of comics in a day, it's really great! I really love the artstyle, and for some reason I can't explain it really reminds me of the 90's which I love.

I'm a bit saddened to see that your Patreon isn't getting nearly as much support as it deserves, but I'm glad you keep making these wonderful comics anyway! :D
MidnightDStroyer 18th May 2018, 5:17 AM edit delete reply
I'm not anti-choice...I'm anti-make-other-taxpayers-foot-the -bill-for-it. I'm Pro-life in that, if you don't want an abortion, use contraceptives. They're found in pretty much every pharmacy & even in many convenience stores.